Help choose the voice behind Hokkaido’s new virtual idol

2014.02.21 20:15:44 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Kitano Kamui Vocaloid


Kitano Kamui is an aspiring idol in Hokkaido, Japan, who dreams of performing at the Sapporo Dome Arena. She also happens to be a virtual idol! Created in April 2013 by Crypton Future Media in order to help promote the region, auditions for her voice have been going on since December. Now with 7 finalists announced at the Sapporo Snow Festival, it is up to the public to decide on who will be behind Kitano Kamui!


Check out the video below to listen to the voices, then send an email to kamui@hbc.co.jp to let them know which voice you support! The final decision will be made on February 28, based on the total number of votes for each as well as the content of the emails.



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