Mekaku City Actors details revealed by Jin

2014.01.23 16:54:15 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Jin Kagerou Project Mekaku City Actors Vocaloid

Vocaloid producer Jin has revealed more information about the anime adaptation of his multimedia project “Kagerou Project” during a niconico live broadcast.


The anime, titled Mekaku City Actors, will begin airing this April in Japan on Tokyo MX, BS11, and niconico. Three voice actors have been announced, with Kana Asumi voicing Ene, Kana Hanazawa voicing Marie, and Mamoru Miyano voicing Konoha. New voice actors and character designs will be announced weekly through commercials starting January 25.


The opening and ending theme songs will be new songs created by Jin, along with a portion of the BGMs used in the anime. Jin is also heading the script writing for the anime. The anime is currently planned for one season.


Check back January 25th for the commercials, and see what kind of anime Jin will create!


If you have a niconico account, click on the button below to see the live broadcast in question.



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