First Hatsune Miku plastic model announced

2014.01.15 19:56:49 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Hatsune Miku Plastic Model Vocaloid


Hatsune Miku has appeared before us in many forms so far, but now we can see her as a plastic model! The kit will be released in Japan on March 9th, Hatsune Miku day.


The set will require some construction and will feature movable joints. One prepainted face part and an facial expression sticker will be included as well as props such as a mic stand and a leek!


Japanese model company Fujimi Mokei created the set, and although they are mainly known for their airplane, tank, and automobile models, they have recently begun releasing several Miku related plastic model sets.


If you have access to a Japanese plastic model store, maybe you can spend Hatsune Miku day this year with a plastic model of Miku!

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