Super cute! Bilingual vocaloid Macne Nana sample tracks released!

2013.12.18 11:58:17 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Macne Nana Vocaloid

Several sample tracks have been released for the English/Japanese bilingual Vocaloid ‘Macne Nana’! The first song celebrated the holiday season with a Japanese/English version of Deck the Halls, followed by a rendition of the Japanese song Sakura Sakura.

Her voice is very cute!


Macne Nana was created by the Apple-fan voice actress Haruna Ikezawa to bring a Vocaloid to iOS, in cooperation with the YAMAHA Vocaloid software. The voice bank is based on Haruna Ikezawa’s voice, while the character design was handled by Akatsuki Gomoku.
Visit the official Macne Nana website here (Website in Japanese)! Macne Nana will be released in January 2014.

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