A Miku gadget that greets you from the fridge!

2013.12.11 10:56:56 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Fridge Hatsune Miku Vocaloid

Do you know about the device that will talk to you whenever you open the fridge? This kind of gadget can make opening the fridge even more fun than it is already!


Working off such an idea, the technology circle “Technoalta” has created a Hatsune Miku gadget and uploaded the video! The video shows off the device and how they made it, so take a look below!




The device uses a light sensor in order to detect the fridge door opening, and has a large library for comments. According to the video, the device also is able to detect your fridge opening habits and adjust comments accordingly (for example it can figure out when you come home from work and greet you!).


The creator is currently planning on making a few beta kits and selling them at the Winter Comiket festival! If you are in the area and feel like livening up your fridge with a Miku, take a look!


If you are interested in the creator, here is the Technoalta blog (In Japanese).

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