Music created by Vocaloid Producers! SEGA’s Project 575 to release character song album!

2013.11.20 10:28:02 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Project 575 Vocaloid

SEGA’s Vocaloid based multimedia project “Project 575″ has just announced the release of a new album titled ‘Utayui 575 Azuki and Maccha charasong collection!!’ The album will be a collection of songs including songs used in the ‘Utayomi 575′ applications, created by Vocaloid producers such as cosMo@BoutoP and PinocchioP.


The project is based on using Vocaloid technology to bring lyrics using the 5/7/5 syllable structure created by users to life. The album will be released on February 5, 2014, so take a listen to the full songs as well!


■Planned Track List
Go! sHicHi! Go! / cosMo@BoutoP
Tobidase Jyugyou / LamarzeP
Strange Animal / PinocchioP

Choco ni Tokashite / Takanon

Minarai Hades / UtsuP feat. Sekihan
Sepia / otetsu

Soretomo Oyatsu? / azuma

Trick or Treat / Hitoshizuku x Yama△

‘Omaera’ ni Arigatou / UtataP
Yuyakeirou / OnyuuP

Hoshikuzu no Gunzou / Marudaruma

Hakoniwa Dystopia / Travolta

Yuugure to Sakamichi / whoo

Etc, total 20 songs

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