Ikasama Life Game novelization announced

2013.08.27 09:07:46 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Ikasama Life Game KEMUVOXX Vocaloid

The light novel adaptation of Vocaloid song ‘Ikasama Life Game’ by creative group KEMUVOXX has been announced. This will mark the third light novel adaptation of a KEMOVOXX Vocaloid song, with ‘Jinsei Reset Button’ having been published in June and ‘Invisible’ having been published August 31st.


The Synopsis:

“I just wanted to live a normal life” — After a sudden accident claims the lives of his parents, the traumatized young Natsuhiko began to fear his bad luck. With the support of his childhood friend Sora, his friend Akito, and his younger sister Nagi, it appears that Natsuhiko might be able to reclaim a peaceful daily life. One day a mysterious young girl calling herself “Maki” appears and gives Natsuhiko a card that can predict the future.


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