Devilish-P announces Vocaloid album High Gain Street

2013.08.20 11:45:26 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Darvish-P Devilish-P GUMI High Gain Street Vocaloid

Vocaloid rock producer Darvish-P (Devilish-P) has announced a new Vocaloid album titled “High Gain Street” to be released November 6th, 2013.


“High Gain Street” will be Darvish-P’s 2nd major album and is sure to be filled with fast-paced rock with GUMI at the vanguard. There will be 8 completely new songs, plus a guitar instrumental track, among the 15 tracks included in the album. This new album also includes some collaboration pieces with other artists, most notably the collaboration with Mr. Big bassist Billy Sheehan on the song “Mr.Melancholy”. Other collaborative artists include fellow Vocaloid producer Junky-P.


“Mr.Melancholy” has been released to the Niconico website before the album release, so check it out below!


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