Band Brothers P 3DS game turns you into a Vocaloid

2013.08.13 11:29:24 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Daigassho! Band Brothers P Nintendo 3DS Vocaloid

Nintendo has announced the next entry in their Daigassho! Band Brothers series, Daigassho! Band Brothers P for the Nintendo 3DS system. The game will be arriving this winter in Japan.


In Band Brothers P, users will be able to use their 3DS to play music along with other players (Similar to Rockband or Guitar Hero) or make their own songs. There are many different instruments included so you can play along with friends.


Of particular note in this iteration of the game, Band Brothers P allows players to create their own singer! The game has the player record their voice, then uses YAMAHA’s Vocaloid technology and the player’s image to create an original Vocaloid.


Check out the Nintendo Direct below to see Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata’s Vocaloid!

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