Mac compatibility announced for additional Vocaloid characters

2013.07.30 10:41:24 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Vocaloid Vocaloid Editor for Cubase

Following the recent announcement from YAMAHA regarding Mac compatibility for the Vocaloid software and the announcement from Crypton Future Media on the mac compatibility for Hatsune Miku V3, Internet Co. and AHS have both announced Mac compatibility for their Vocaloid characters.


From Internet Co., Megpoid, Gakupoid, Lily, and CUL will have Mac compatibility when the V3 version is released. AHS will be adding Mac compatibility to Yuzuki Yukari at the same time. Users who have registered their product with either company will be able to download the Mac version of their voice bank for free at the time of release.


Keep in mind that Internet Co. and AHS will only be releasing the voice libraries, and actually using these libraries will require the Vocaloid editor for Cubase and Cubase 7 / Cubase Artist 7.


With the IA project also looking into a Mac version for their voice library, the future is looking bright for Mac-based Vocaloid producers!

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