IA/03 Creator Debut Contest announced!

2013.07.27 12:09:41 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :IA Vantan Game Academy Vocaloid

Vantan Game Academy and IA Project have teamed up to hold a IA/03 Creator Debut Contest, which kicked off July 25th.


The contest is broken up into the Vocaloid Producer contest, the Illustrator contest, and the Music Video Creator contest, with one winner to be selected from each. The three winners will then work together as a unit and create a music video for the IA/03 compilation album planned for January 2014.


Contest applicants must be a current student or under 24 years of age, and entries will be judged by industry figures including Vocaloid producers Jin and Ishiburo.


Applications will be accepted between July 25th and September 30th, so try it out if you want to participate in the IA/03 compilation album!


Apply here

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