Touhoku Zunko reaches Vocaloid crowdfunding goal

2013.07.16 13:23:30 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Touhoku Zunko Vocaloid

The Touhoku Region support character and Voiceroid Touhoku Zunko has reached her crowdfunding goal of 5 million yen (Appx. US$50,000) and will be becoming a Vocaloid character!


AHS, the company that produced Zunko’s Voiceroid capabilities, will be working with voice actress Satou Satomi to create the Vocaloid voice library. The final product is expected to be completed later this year or early 2014.


Touhoku Zuno is copyright-free for any company operating from the Touhoku region, and we hope her upcoming Vocaloid capabilities will continue to support the region!


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