Jin announces a one-man live show in Tokyo!

2013.07.04 09:53:47 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Jin Live in Mekakucity Mekakucity Records Vocaloid

Vocaloid producer Jin, fresh off of his success with his 2nd album Mekakucity Records hitting 1st on the Oricon Weekly Rankings, will be holding a one-man live concert on August 15th! The event is titled “Live In Mekakucity Summer’13,” and will be held at the ZEPP DiverCity in Tokyo.


Advance tickets have gone on sale for IA Project fan club members, and come bundled with signed illustrations until July 7th.


The date August 15th is important in Jin’s Kagerou Project storyline, so fans are excited to see what kind of performance he has in store!



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