Vocaloid Manga magazine announced!

2013.06.29 10:51:42 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Comic@Loid Vocaloid

The web manga magazine COMIC@LOID has announced a paper edition coming out July 13th, 2013! So far the publication has been distributed via online sites such as niconico video.


The first edition, COMIC@LOID 1, will feature the stories covered so far on the online version as well as a new episode for each. The manga are based on popular Vocaloid songs such as Mosaic Roll and Shiryoku Kensa, and the new volume will also feature a new story written by mathru (Kanimiso P) and illustrated by Shimano Yae based on the song Dancing Samurai.


Priced at 690 yen (Appx. US$7), it looks like the publication will be bi-monthly with the second edition coming out on September 13th. Fans of manga and Vocaloid songs should check it out!


■Featured Manga
・Mosaic Roll
・Shiryoku Kensa
・Setsuna Trip
・MeguMegu☆Singer Song Fighter
・Sarishi Nohara

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