Help make Touhoku Zunko a Vocaloid through crowdfunding!

2013.06.26 12:15:44 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Touhoku Zunko Vocaloid Voiceroid

A cloudfunding initiative has started up on crowdfunding service website “Anipipo” in order to make Voiceroid and Touhoku support mascot character “Touhoku Zunko” a full-fledged Vocaloid.


The target amount is set at 5 million yen, approximately US$50,000. Various prizes and gifts will be given to different levels of support for this character. If the target is reached the Vocaloid will be voiced by Satou Satomi, the voice actor who supplied the Voiceroid voice, also known for her role as Ritsu Tainaka (K-On!). Touhoku Zunko has undertaken other crowdfunding ventures in the past, with 4.5 million yen (US$45,000) being raised to make her a Voiceroid, and another 570,000 yen (US$5,700) raised for her 3DCG model.


The character is free for non-commercial use, as well as to any company in the Touhoku area. Let’s hope that Touhoku Zunko can raise enough money to become a full-fledged Vocaloid character and continue supporting the Touhoku region!


Her crowdfunding page can be found here!


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