Osaka Electro-Communication University live streams Vocaloid lessons!

2013.06.21 08:51:26 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Osaka Electro-Communications University Vocaloid

As of June 8th, the Osaka Electro-Communication University has begun live-streaming lessons on how to start creating Vocaloid videos! The lessons can be seen on the niconico video website.


The classes are geared to complete newcomers, and begin with using freeware and free trial versions in order to make it more accessible. The lessons will be in Japanese, but give it a try if you want to start creating your own Vocaloid videos!
■Dates (Japan Times)

6月8日18時 Lets Start!!
6月22日18時 Using Paint tool SAI to create a character
7月6日18時 On freeware MMD use
7月13日23時 Create illustrations using Photoshop!
7月20日23時 MSSP teaches you how to compose a song!
7月27日23時 Title TBD: MMD animation lessons
7月28日13時 Qestion time! Ask Brother P anything!

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