Mobile game app Lapis and the Mysterious Labyrinth released

2013.06.19 11:33:43 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Aoki Lapis Games Vocaloid

The mobile device game app “Lapis and the Mysterious Labyrinth” has been released for Android devices, with an iOS release planned for the future. In the game, the player opens a book called “The Mysterious Labyrinth” and is transported to a different world. With the help of the fairy Aoki Lapis, the player must now find a way to escape and return home.

The first theme song “Mahou no Tobira” was created by Daisuke P, while the second theme song “Kimi tono Yorukaze” was created by BeachCharger.

The first stage of the game is free, so give it a try!

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