Free camera rap creation app “Glaceau CameRap” updated!

2013.06.05 08:34:41 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :android CameRap iOS mobile Vocaloid

The free Glaceau CameRap app allows users to take an image from their mobile and create a rap around it, using Vocaloid technology. A new version of this app has become available as of June 3rd, for iOS and Android systems.


(livetune’s CameRap about sushi)

The app is extremely easy to use, and only requires an image and a few comments before creating a vivid rap song. With the new version there is even more flexibility with the lyrics, allowing users to select a subject (such as the name of a person or place) of the song, as well as choosing between themes for the rap (Respect, Love, Tsukkomi).

The initial version of the app featured Hyadain as the music producer, and had reached 1st in the top free app rankings for the Apple App Store as of April 13th. This new iteration will also welcome FPM, kz (livetune), and Cypress Ueno/Robert Yoshino as musical producers.

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