A historic first! A Vocaloid song will be featured on NHK music program

The NHK program “Minna no Uta” will be featuring the song Shounen to Mahou no Robot (A Boy and a Magic Robot) by 40mP feat. GUMI in their August and September lineup.


Minna no Uta is a 5 minute TV/radio program that runs on NHK several times daily, and introduces new songs from popular or new singers paired with an animation.


Shounen to Mahou no Robot will be the first song sung by a non-human featured on this show. 40mP has created the music and lyrics sung by the Vocaloid GUMI, and the illustrator Tama handled art and animation.


The artists Kiiyama Shouten, Yuzu, and Katou Reiko will be featured during the same time period. If you have access to NHK during this time, check out the program and the collaboration between 40mP and Tama!

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