Kagerou Project Pack 2 added to Groove Coaster Zero library!

2013.06.01 06:19:13 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :iOS Jin Music Game Vocaloid

Fans of the iOS mobile music game Groove Coaster Zero can now play using songs created by Vocaloid producer JIN, by downloading the Kagerou Project Pack 2!

The songs included in this pack are:

Konoha no Sekai Jijou Kuusou Forest Otsukimi Recital Lost Time Memory


Otsukimi Recital and Lost Time Memory are two of JIN’s newer songs, both included in his newest album Mekakucity Records.


In celebration of the release of this song pack, Groove Coaster is holding an ENE Avatar Gift Campaign! Until Sunday, June 9th, players will be able to receive the avatar by posting their score from any song from Kagerou Project Pack 1 or 2 to the Groove Coaster Facebook or Twitter.


The app is free and the song pack only costs US$4.99, so if you like JIN’s songs or music games, give it a try!

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