Crossfade version of Jin’s 2nd album Mekaku City Records

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A crossfade version of Vocaloid Producer Jin’s upcoming album Mekaku City Records has been streamed to niconico. The album will be released May 29th in Japan, and is a follow-up to Jin’s first album, Children Record, which ranked 3rd in the Oricon Weekly Newcomers chart.


The video introduces listeners to all 13 of the songs included in the album, so fans still trying to decide if they want the album should take a look!


Niconico 【Jin】Mekaku City Records【Album Crossfade】


■Track List

1. Summer End Roll (Instrumental)
2. Children Record (Re Ver.)
3. Yobanashi Decieve
4. Shounen Brave
5. Yuyake Yesterday
6. Gunjyou Rain (Re Ver.)
7. Outer Science
8. Otsukimi Recital
9. Loss Time Memory
10. Ayano no Koufuku Riron
11. Mari no Kakusekai
12. Crying Prologue (Instrumental)
13. Summer Time Record

【DVD:Disc2 (Limited First Edition)】
1. Children Record
2. Yobanashi Decieve
3. Loss Time Memory
4. Ayano no Koufuku Riron
5. Mekakucity Records


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