Fuji TV digital announcer Lune Anri to be added to Sony radio app

2013.05.30 07:24:42 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Lune Anri Oto-Latte SONY Vocaloid

The Fuji TV digital announcer Lune Anri (soon to retire and become a Vocaloid) will be included as a voice in the Sony voice radio app Oto-Latte.


Otto-Latte is a smartphone app that allows users to select articles or topics such as news, sports, music, and have a digital voice read the contents aloud. The app is designed to give users the freedom to pick what they want to listen to, in places such as a crowded train or in the car, where reading off a smartphone may not be feasible.


The app has been available for iOS systems in Japan since May 14th, while an Android version is planned to be released by the end of May.


This is a great app for those who just can’t seem to put their smartphone down when they need to, so please check it out!

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