Vocaloid producers credited in Aki Toyosaki’s new single Flip Flop

2013.05.23 10:07:37 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Aki Toyosaki Flip Flop sasakure.UK Vocaloid whoo

The new single album by voice actress and singer Aki Toyosaki will be featuring Vocaloid artists sasakure.UK and whoo as producers. The album, “Flip Flop” will be released May 22nd.

“Flip Flop” will have a more digital pop approach to the songs, opposed to the more garageband feel of Toyosaki’s first album. Producer sasakure.UK will be taking part in the first song, “Flip Flop,” while whoo will take part in the second song, “Sasurai no Mayoeru Koneko.”


There will be a music video and TV spot DVD included in the first limited edition, so check it out if you are a fan of Aki Toyosaki or Vocaloid producers!


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