Snow Miku 2014 final design chosen

2013.05.18 08:07:15 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Good Smile Company Snow Miku 2014 Vocaloid

Good Smile Company has announced the winner of the 2014 Snow Miku Costume Design contest, held earlier on May 17th. The theme for this year’s Miku figure was “magical girl,” and a finalist was voted on by viewers during a niconico live broadcast. Out of 9 finalists, dera_fury’s design was chosen.

Viewers were also able to vote on a design for Snow Miku’s pet, and the “Ezo Yuki Usagi” design by nekosumi was the victor.

These winning designs were chosen out of those submitted by users, and will be turned into the 5th Snow Miku figure by Good Smile Company.


Snow Miku 2014 Finalists:

Snow Miku Pet 2014 Finalists:


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