Tracklist for Jin’s new album Mekakucity Records released

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The track list for Mekakucity Records, an upcoming album by Vocaloid producer Jin (Aka Shizen no Teki P) set to be released May 29th, has been announced.

■Track List

1. Summer End Roll (Instrumental)
2. Children Record (Re Ver.)
3. Yobanashi Decieve
4. Shounen Brave
5. Yuyake Yesterday
6. Gunjyou Rain (Re Ver.)
7. Outer Science
8. Otsukimi Recital
9. Loss Time Memory
10. Ayano no Koufuku Riron
11. Mari no Kakusekai
12. Crying Prologue (Instrumental)
13. Summer Time Record

【DVD:Disc2 (Limited First Edition)】
1. Children Record
2. Yobanashi Decieve
3. Loss Time Memory
4. Ayano no Koufuku Riron
5. Mekakucity Records


The first album, Mekakucity Days, reached 6th on the weekly Oricon rankings in Japan when it debuted. Jin has uploaded many of his songs to the niconico website, and is known for creating the IA demo song Headphone Actor. A novel and manga adaptation series has been made that connects all of his songs together, as part of a series known as the Kagerou Project.


Niconico 【IA】Lost Time Memory【Original MV】


The novelization of his songs have sold over 800,000 copies total, and the cover art of the third entry (Kagerou Days III -the children reason-) in the series has been released as well. This novel is said to tie the story so far together.



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