2D Free Vocaloid Action game Miku Monogatari released

A 2D side-scrolling Miku fan game is available online. Miku Monogatari ~Yume to Taisetsu na Mono~ (Miku Story ~Dreams and Treasures~) Ver. 2 was released April 17th by creator Peposoft.


Players control Vocaloid characters through a cute fantasy world reminiscent of Yoshi’s Island, and the game play is straightforward – defeat enemies and progress through the levels. The art, voice acting, and music all fit together very well to the overall atmosphere of the game.

The playable characters are Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Ren, and Taco Luka. A two-player co-op mode is also available. The game is great for Vocaloid fans, and with an adjustable difficulty seting more experienced 2D platformer players can get into the game as well.


If you are interested, check out the game download here. (The download link is in the orange box towards the bottom of the page.)


Niconico 【12年間フリゲ制作歴】ミクものがたり ~ユメとたいせつなもの~



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