Vocaloid Producer Travolta’s major debut album to be released June 5th

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Popular Vocaloid producer Travolta (Toraboruta) will be debuting his first major album Travoltic Symphony on June 5th, 2013.


This upcoming album will include Travolta’s most popular song Kokoro, which has over 1.8 million views on niconico.com and has been adapted into both a novel and a play. Other songs include Toeto, with over 1 million views on the niconico video service.


Niconico 【Kagamine Rin】Heart【Original Song】


The album cover was created by illustrator Nagimiso, and early purchases will be able to receive a limited edition rubber figure strap along with the CD.

■Track List

・Kokoro / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin
・Toeto / Travolta feat. Megurine Ruka
・Ganbarouyo / Travolta feat. Kagamine Ren
・Otenba Hime no Uta / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin
・Luna ~Umi no Yousei~ / Travolta feat. Hatsune Miku
・Soratobazu / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin
・Shounen Ginga / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin、Kagamine Ren
・Pink Spider / Travolta feat. Kagamine Ren
・Densetsu no Majyo / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin
・Omedetou / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin
・Yotsuba no Clover / Travolta feat. Kagamine Rin


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