Video announcement for 11th MikuMikuDance cup (MMDcup)

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The official announcement video for the 11th Miku Miku Dance cup (MMD cup) has been released.

The MMD cup is a contest held on the niconico.com video website, in which contestants use the free software MikuMikuDance (or any similar software) in order to create a video following the contest themes. The videos will be judged by the number of “Mylist” registrations they receive. This year the themes include “Samurai”, “Reunions”, “CM”, and “Daikon”, so the submissions are sure to be interesting! Contestants will be able to choose one of these themes and create a video. The preliminary round begins July 19th, so check out the official MMD cup page or their niconico community page around that time!


Niconico 【第11回MMD杯】 MikuMikuDanceCup XI 【開催告知+テーマ発表】


Here are some of the top submissions from the 10th MMD cup:

Niconico 【第10回MMD杯本選】天使と悪魔


Niconico [10th MMD Cup Finals] ODDS & ENDS [MMD-PV]


Niconico 【第10回MMD杯本選】MMDは繁栄しました


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