Digital Fuji TV announcer to retire and become a Vocaloid

2013.05.04 11:45:38 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Fuji TV Lune Anri Vocaloid

The Digital Announcer of Fuji TV, Lune Anri, will be retiring from her announcer role in June of 2013, and will become a Vocaloid character.


This announcement was made at the niconico Chokaigi 2, held late April. Lune had also acted as an assistant on a Vocaloid-only music program aired on Fuji TV on April 3rd, 2013. She stated that she “wanted to explore all of her possibilities to the fullest” as the reason for her retirement.


She will continue to act as a freelance announcer while she plans her Vocaloid debut. Lune Anri was designed by Manga artist Tatsuya Egawa, and joined Fuji TV October of last year.

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