Additional performances of the Symphony Ihatov featuring Hatsune Miku announced

2013.05.02 08:49:05 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Concert Hatsune Miku Isao Tomita music Symphony Ihatov Vocaloid

Additional performances of the Symphony Ihatov, featuring Hatsune Miku as the soloist, have been announced.


The Symphony Ihatov was composed by Isao Tomita, world renowned composer and synthesizer artist. The Symphony Ihatov is an expression of the “psychadelic” and colorful worlds inspired in Tomita by the writings of poet and children’s book author Miyazawa Kenji. The Symphony brings together over 300 orchestral and choral members, and gives voice to these fantastical worlds through the virtual singer Hatsune Miku. Tomita’s Symphony Ihatov premiered in November of 2012 to a sold out theater.

The newly announced performances will start off on August 29th at the civic hall of Miyazawa Kenji’s home town, Hanamaki city in Iwate Prefecture. Additional performances will be held on September 1st at the Aichi Prefecture Theater for the Arts, September 15th and 16th at the Tokyo Bunkamura Orchard Hall, and September 21st at the Osaka Orix Theater.

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