Vocaloid producers take part in Yuyushiki anime songs

2013.04.24 11:19:03 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :Anime music Vocaloid Yuyushiki

The new record single released for TV anime Yuyushiki on April 17th revealed that multiple Vocaloid producers had taken part in composition and production.


The opening song was created by the popular Vocaloid producer Fuwari-P, while a variety of artists such as 164, azuma, Deadball-P, Asha, add9, DJ UTO and Ryu☆ took part in the arrangement of bonus tracks. A version of the song sung by the Vocaloid Mayu was also recorded and included in the single.


The anime Yuyushiki is based on a yonkoma manga of the same name, and has been airing on TOKYO MX in Japan since the beginning of April 2013.


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