Vocaloid Tohoku Zunko to be featured in light novel

2013.04.20 12:27:38 by andy category : Vocaloid Tags :light novel Tohoku Zunko Vocaloid

A twitter story centered on the VOICEROID character Touhoku Zunko will be adapted into a light novel.



Touhoku Zunko is a VOICEROID created in 2012 as a virtual character supporting the people in the Touhoku region after the earthquake. Her name and character design is based on the local Zunda mochi, a rice cake made with mashed green soybeans. Zunko’s creation was funded by locals looking to show support, and character and voice is copyright free to anyone based out of the Touhoku region.



A weekly story revolving around Zunko had been posted on twitter beginning June 2012, and the light novel will adapt these stories into a light novel format by poster Satou Toshio. The novel cover will be drawn by artist Ninico Edomura, who also designed Zunko’s character. The novel will be published Summer of 2013 by PHP Kenkyuujyo, which has published many other Vocaloid novels in the past.

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