Vocaloid artist tribute VRUSH UP! #5, #6

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The Vocaloid artist tribute CD series “VRUSH UP!” has two new editions coming out on May 3rd.



Editions 5 and 6 will feature the artists whoo and Kikuo, respectively. Past featured artists include sasakure.UK, Deco*27, kous, and millstones.

Below are the tracks included in each edition.


■VRUSH UP! #05 -whoo Tribute-

1. Fireworks (ryuryu Here’s to the Moment Remix)
2. The Forgotten Song (yuxuki waga note to self Remix)
3. In a room with no sound (Leggysalad Elegant Experience Remix)
4. ice (Guitar/Michael Lueckner Fire+Ice Remix)
5. The beginning of the world (Geskia! 77 Remix)
6. Rainbow (Kikuo Rainbow Remix)
7. Parades (monaca:factory Hadal Zone Remix)
8. Traveling mood (LASTorder Long distance Remix)


■VRUSH UP! #06 -Kikuo Tribute-

1. Lets go to heaven (Hercelot 98.01 Remix)
2. A happy death (Fragment not fawns Remix)
3. The kindest reaper (SEKITOVA Sunrise Remix)
4. And then you became the moon (FICUSEL Dizzy Remix)
5. Breaking things (DUB-Russell mi(*L_*)x Remix)
6. Don’t look at me with those eyes (ATOLS sweet dream Remix)
7. Demon of the moon (Kettel Tsfreh Remix)
8. Stardust maid (whoo post Remix)


There will also be a live performance featuring those who took part in the VRUSH UP! series, which will be held in Shibuya on April 30th. The performance will be live streamed as well, so don’t worry if you can’t make it!


VRUSH UP! live information

Live Stream website

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