Kenshi Yonezu’s new single “Santamaria” to be released in May

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The musician Yonezu Kenshi (also known as the vocaloid producer Hachi) will be releasing his first single Santamaria (サンタマリア) on May 29th.



About one year ago, Kenshi’s first album, diorama, hit 6th on the Oricon newcomers weekly ranking. For diorama, Kenshi created everything himself; lyrics, composition, recording, illustration and images were all his own work.


The upcoming single Santamaria is the first in which Kenshi collaborates with various artists. The theme of the single is to understand the “nature of people with a fundamentally different outlook” and still be able to work together and move forward.


There will be 3 different bundled versions of the single; the regular version will include a serial number for access to a live stream performance, the movie version will include a DVD containing two music videos, and the limited edition illustration version will contain a special illustrated sleeve and art book.


For those new to or following Kenshi Yonezu, Santamaria will bring a new outlook on music and collaboration so be sure to check it out!


Track list:

1 サンタマリア (Santamaria)

2 百鬼夜行 (Hyakkiyakou – March of demons)

3 笛吹けども踊らず (The flute plays but no one dances)


For more information:

Discography – Kenshi Yonezu – Universal Music Japan

Kenshi Yonezu official site



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