Summer Vacation! The top 11 recommended tourist spots

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Summer Vacation! The top 11 recommended tourist spots

Summer has already come to an end for this year. Last year, I spent it meditating in India. I will never for get the experience.

I visited many places during my trip around the globe. I have been asked many times of recommendations for people going on vacation over the summer, and I have decided to reply here.

1.Barcelona (Spain)

My first recommendation is Barcelona, Spain famous for the Sagrada Familia. I of course visited the site, and felt strangely happy after seeing the architecture. There are many other attractions in the city, such as the Park Güell and Picasso Museum. The food is delicious, and because of the Mediterranean climate it is very enjoyable in the summer.

2.Merzouga (Morocco)

The moon rising over the horizon.

My next recommendation is Merzouga, Morocco. It is a small town that serves as an entry point to the Sahara Desert for tourists. My arrival coincided with the full moon and so I was unable to see many stars, however the night sky is usually said to be covered in stars. The moment that the moon rose from the horizon was particularly beautiful. On a side note, you really do ride camels through the desert…I got bored quickly though.


A mural on the Palestinian wall (Bethlehem)

It is hard to call it a tourist spot, but if I was asked which country was the most intriguing I would have to answer Israel. You can feel history happening in front of your eyes. Seeing the three great houses of worship in Jerusalem is quite awe-inspiring. Seeing the Holocaust museum and Palestinian areas are a definite must. The Tel Aviv Beach is nice as well.


The Dead Sea

I would recommend Jordan for the Dead Sea and the Petra site. The Dead Sea is about an hour drive from the capital city of Amman, while the Petra ruins are about a 4 to 6 hour drive. You really do float in the Dead Sea…the Petra site can be seen in an Indiana Jones movie, and is even more impressive in real life.

5.Pamukkale (Turkey)

There are natural springs nearby, and the ground is warm.

Pamukkale is famous for the travertines. The carbonite minerals are deposited into terrace-like structures, and it looks like a snowy mountain from far away. There are even hot springs nearby that you can go into.

6.Rila (Bulgaria)

The image I have of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is of stripclubs…however, I would like to recommend the monastery located in Rila. It is very mystical, surreal, and even slightly creepy. It is even possible to sleep at the Rila monastery, and I would recommend it to anyone who has time.

7.Frankfurt (Germany)

At the Gutenberg printing museum.

If you have gone to a Dialog in the Dark exhibit, I would definitely recommend going to the original exhibit here. I would also recommend going to the Gutenberg printing museum in Mainz, about an hour away from Frankfurt.

8.Firenze (Italy)

Evening in Firenze

From the Duomo Observatory

An Italian city between Rome and Milan. I went to all three, but Firenze was the most enjoyable to me. I would recommend the Duomo and the various museums.

9.Ayutthaya (Thailand)

A few hours away by train from the capital city of Bangkok, you can go there for about 1~2 dollars. It is often compared to the Angkor Wat, but I prefer Ayutthaya. Be careful leaving the train station, you will be surrounded by taxi drivers.

10.Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Ta Prohm

Angkor Wat

A rather famous picture, the Angkor Wat is actually very fun. In particular I would recommend it to first time travelers or backpackers.

11.Leh (India)

I would recommend visiting what was Ladakh in India. At an altitude of 3,500m, everything looks different. The air is very dry, and there are only a handful of rainy days during the year. I enjoyed a lake called Pangong. The lake is located at an altitude of 3,000m, and is very clear. The water was a little bit salty. Leh can be reached by plane from the capital of Delhi. Be careful of altitude sickness.


Those are my recommended travel destinations for summer! I would be happy if any of you decided to go after reading my blog.

Author: This entry is originally in Japanese, and can be found at Aoki Yu’s blog『HIBILOG』

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