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During meetings, my straight-faced brother will produce subtle humming deep in his throat that sound like a phone vibrating. Hilarity ensues as people nervously glance around and tap their pockets. So Reddit, what pranks do you love to pull at work?

as a prank, my co-worker put a one of those walgreens motion detector halloween things that said “Where you going!”, “hey!”, etc when you walked by his cube. He took it apart so you couldn’t see it at all. I shot the motion detector with a laser pen from across the lab ~100 feet away, setting it off over & over. He would reposition each time, and after a while, he took it down, thinking it was malfunctioning. I’ll tell him some day.

That’s some Spy vs. Spy shit right there.

I work at a sports bar that was an upscale restaurant for thirty years before it became a bar six years ago. The basement looks a hell of a lot like the first saw movie. Disgusting bathroom, flickering lights, little dark rooms you have to crawl up into etc… So I crawled into one of the rooms and noticed somebody had left one single chair in there, obviously to scare people. So I started to brainstorm what would be even worse than something as explainable as a chair. I went to the thrift store, bought a porcelain doll, stabbed its eyes out and put some fake blood on its dress. I left it propped against a wall in a perfect flickering light. No one had noticed it until very recently when I heard a few other bartenders go in the basement to grab some beer to stock the coolers at the end of the night one night. The screams of terror were awesome.

You made my day! That’s absolutely genius!

As a former cubicle inmate I used to pull some pranks. One time I printed out a sign and taped it to the bathroom mirror saying, “Please don’t urinate in the sinks. Thanks, Mgmt.” For a long time after that people would use hand sanitizer instead of using the sink in the bathroom. Sometimes in a big meeting I would take a stack of paper plates, take one and pass the stack along. Eventually everyone would be holding a plate thinking they’re about to get some free food or something, but nope, just left the meeting with a paper plate like WTF. Some people got pissed and I stopped doing that one for fear of getting caught.

The paper plate thing is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. I am totally doing that at the next big meeting. Tho… you had me at “As a former cubicle inmate.” Internet high five.

I’m one of the internet managers at the car dealership I work at. The other manager doesn’t really grasp the internet. I’ll send her fake leads with names like Dick Fappington, Titter Gore, etc. but attach real phone numbers. So basically I get my co-worker to prank call people, asking if “Harry Naples” is interested in purchasing a new vehicle.

Oh my god this is brilliant.

You can add some spice to this. Give the number of the local zoo, and have your co-worker call Laurie Keats, or the number of the local Ikea asking for Allan Keys, Adult Shop for Mr P Ness, etc. As someone who worked in a call centre for many years this was always a go-to joke for the new staff. Edit: Our local zoo used to have an extention set up that was an open line within the bird enclosure. When you asked for Laurie Keats you’d be put through there and hear birds for as long as you stayed on the line.

The entire office where I work has been drinking decaffeinated coffee for weeks now. There’s a bag hidden under the counter and I fill the machine like clockwork to make sure no real beans make it into the machine. It cost me an awful amount of money but it’s worth it. I’m three weeks in now and nobody’s the wiser.

In three more weeks, switch back to caffeinated beans. Then sit back and enjoy.


I like to put 45 cents in the candy vending machines coin return; everything in there costs 75 cents, so I put the money in there with the idea that most people use a dollar and get a quarter back, reach in the coin slot, oh wow I guess I get two candy bars instead of one, but then they realize they are 5 cents short, the look of dissapointment is priceless.

Make sure to glue 5 cents to the floor.

Some people just want to watch the world burn

I fucking hate you. That’s brilliant.

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