I just got trolled by the Iron Man Avengers USB flash drive…. – reddit repost

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That is the single most inconvenient flash drive I have ever seen…

This is as close inconvenient: unplugged, plugged. Not suitable for a proper porn collection, if you ask me.

This has to be the winner of the inconvience contest.

Stick Drive in side of house. Put house up on e-bay as “USB Drive” “USB Drive” sells for $200,000 or however much your house is worth. Congratulations on your Guinness World Record for most expensive USB drive.

That kind of thing is called an info drop I believe. I’ve heard certain alternate reality games will put important info in a flash drive and leave it like that for players to find and download.

Dead Drop technically (in this case). This one is pretty famous, located at the Eyebeam Atelier, 540 West 21st Street, NY. Edit: Nyc Resistor / the Maker bot HQ in brooklyn (Thanks electriccrowbar) Dead Drops are traditionally used as a form of anonymous, offline, peer to peer file transfer. Basically you’d walk up to the dead drop, plug in your machine (normally through an extension cable. Please don’t plug your laptop up to the wall via USB) and drop a few files of anything you want and take anything that you find interesting. There are some hidden ones that require some geocaching to find, but most of them are public and can be mapped at like DeadDrops. It’s like if Limewire had a random button that would download something from someone and then upload something as well. Except you’re in person…And looking kinda weird because you have your laptop plugged up to a wall.

I got a Deadmau5 one from a friend. It too is extremely inconvenient.

..yeah, we’ve been meaning to tell you. that was actually just a dead mouse.

I’m going to try and hunt down the most absurd flash drives I can. This one is up there….

Thumb Drive When I handed it to a co-worker, he said “i think i just got sexually harassed!”

I think you’ve mistaken absurd with awesome.

Inconvenient Flash Drives: Round One http://imgur.com/a/SAVgf

Inconvenient Flash Drives: Round Two http://imgur.com/a/S0xcI

Inconvenient Flash Drives: Round Three http://imgur.com/a/EAK4r

On the other end of the spectrum.Article I would not mind one of these. I already have an RFID implant on my hand for keyless access and my motorbike ignition (still at design stage).

I would. I’d have to sit there with one arm leaning down to the usb port and only have one hand free for other stuff. What a stupid idea.

The finger is detachable, but I see your point. Needless to say, I would rather have all my fingers. This guy is making the best of a bad situation.

This is how the Borg started.

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