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Mine is: He’s a high powered Harvard educated corporate lawyer with tight connections and a tighter wallet, and no time for shenanigans. She’s a free-spirited bakery owner who’s more interested in making a difference than making a profit. They live in different cities and their lives do not intersect in any way. Edit: Ok guys. We get it. That real tv show that everyone already hates really does suck. You can stop now.

A talk show where people talk about their favorite Youtube videos without showing them for reference, thus forcing them to try to describe them every time.

Call it “You Just Have To See It”

Filmed in front of a live studio audience who just kind of cough or go “oh. Huh.” from time to time instead of laugh.

A more realistic portrayal of an office than ‘the office’ Without all the tragic comedy, it would be painfully boring to watch someone sitting at a computer 8 hours a day, briefly exchanging a few words with colleagues and attending meetings where they plan what to plan on the next meeting

attending meetings where they plan what to plan on the next meeting Relevant

My friends and I actually came up with an idea for a tv show called “Pilots“. It started when we were all drunk and thought it’d be a great idea if every episode of the show was a pilot episode to some other show. There’s no long running story arcs or anything. Same actors every episode, just, with new characters and new stories. Now whenever we’re all drunk, we come up with new Pilot’s episodes. You could have the cop drama pilot one week then a situation comedy about a couple who are polar opposites the next week and then a show about aliens or something the next week. Whenever we’re drunk it seems like a great idea, but in reality, it seems really really bad. We have almost a whole season’s worth of episodes already.

With decent actors this would be a fun watch. You could actually have some really subtle overarching plot points, like with certain actors always being cast as each others’ love interests, or AD style running jokes…

There’s always a character named Terry, but it’s always played by a new person. So each episode has an actor that will never be on the show again playing Terry. Then at the end of the first season, one of the regular actors is named Terry and keeps looking nervous and out of character for the whole pilot.

Steve Buscemi’s Staring Contest. Each week, Steve stares directly into the camera for 45 minutes. He never blinks. Ever.

Can Christopher Walken fill in sometimes?

Only if he talks trash the whole time. Occasionally he’d take breaks from it and dramatically sigh, then tell a story about his childhood that doesn’t go anywhere.

Puddle. A sentient puddle of water, unable to communicate with the world around it (or viewers), slowly dies as the day gets warmer.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman. Each week, the episode would open with him saying “I…am nothing but a puddle.”

“To Catch a Five Year Old” Contestants drive vans to separate playgrounds. Whoever can get the greatest number of children in their van in 2 hours, wins. Children are returned at the end of the show and their parents are reported to child protective services. Hosted by Gilbert Gottfried.

I would watch the shit out of that show.

“What to do with 150 bananas” coming this fall on ABC

Season 2: “What not to do with 150 bananas”

Season 3: Plantains, Who knew?

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