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A girl in my class just said the reason everybody in the world isn’t using solar energy is because it would shrink the sun and kill us all. Reddit, what’s the stupidest thing you’ve heard someone say in class?

“Look it up, I’m not lying.” It’s sad that this is a college level Environmental Science class. EDIT: Oh shit, front page! Thank you stupid people of the world, I couldn’t have done this without you.

In culinary school: ‘I don’t understand why shrimp is so cheap. Wouldn’t it make more sense to let them grow into lobsters, then sell them for more money?’

Don’t go to culinary school if you’re born to be an economist.

A guy in one of my classes in high school didn’t understand why a baby born in China then raised entirely in the US would be able to speak English instead of Chinese. He thought people were born automatically knowing a language.

As someone who was born in China and raised overseas, I fuckin’ wish this guy’s theory was true. Mandarin is a bitch of a language to pick up.

A girl in my English class called me stupid for saying Costa Rica had a coastline. She was sure it was landlocked. And she knew because she had previously gone there on vacation. On a cruise. I can’t even make this up. SHE TOOK A BOAT THERE. A BOAT. ON THE OCEAN.

Also, the place as “Costa” in it’s name. How much more costal do you get than that?

Not coast enough.

Coast but no cigar.

A guy in JR High once claimed to have been at the top of Mt Everest. I asked him how he did that and proudly claimed to have taken the tram. Turns out he took the tram up San Jacinto in Palm Springs, CA when he was young and his Dad told him they were hiking up everest!

Kids are gullible. Until middle school I thought I’d been to Australia when in fact, I fell asleep on a car ride from our house to our Australian friends’ house in Las Vegas and when I woke up my parents told me we drove to Australia. My parents were assholes.

Not really something she said, but we had to proofread and mark up papers written by one of our peers in a college english course I took, and the paper that I received had nothing that looked like sentences in it. If stopping at a traffic light how can camera even fair? Its not fair to camera at lights and in traffic / or if sensors on the road measures traffic camera photos if speeding into court I just handed the paper to the instructor and she was like “Yeah, I’ll handle this one.” It was primarily an art school, but how do you get out of 1st grade writing this way?

I was in a nonfiction writing class in college, and once a week we had to proofread each other’s essays. I’d say a little under half of the class wrote so poorly that it really made me question the value of a college education.

10th grade Social Studies: When they launch rockets how do they get through the crust of the earth. Dude thought the atmosphere was the crust of the earth.

My sister, aged 14, asked me how they knew where to point airplanes in the sky to go to different countries. After much explaining about maps and charts and her continued puzzlement I finally realized that while she knew the earth was round, she thought we were on the inside. She thought the sky and the sun and stars and everything were in the middle of the concave sphere of the earth, and to get to China you just had to keep going upwards until you hit it. Edit: concave not convex.

We had to fill in a blind map in geography once. When I marked Australia my friend said: “It’s down THERE? I always thought this was Australia!” She pointed at Canada.

I thought i was bad at geography.

But wait there’s more: Madagascar became Japan and Tibet is a river in Egypt. Also with the world map in front of her she asked: “Where is Asia?”

A girl tried to tell me the sun was the biggest planet in the universe…. That is right… she not only thought that the sun was a planet, but the biggest one in the universe.

I was talking to my friend’s girlfriend about space and when I called the sun a star, she got this weird look on her face and said that stars are small and the sun is big. Then when I told her that all stars are suns, just really far away, you could see her mind exploding. She also asked what squirrels are for, not sure how we ended up there, but it happened.

You may have helped this girl out, she may devote her life to understanding the universe, or she will become a squirrel.

A squirrel who ponders the many cosmic mysteries.

At which point we come upon “what squirrels are for.”

Posted this a few weeks ago, but here you go again. I teach community college. The other day a 28 year old woman in class said that the “average person touches their face 375 times per minute.” Per minute. PER MINUTE. We told her no and she stood her ground. She would NOT yield. Said it was research. This fat kid in the back of the room is a physics major. He was about to lose it. Just stared at me and tapped his face as fast as he could. I love that kid.

I can get to about 240 at a steady tap. Don’t lie, you all tried it.

She said average. There’s got to be someone out there who touches his/her face 510 times per minute.

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