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At my University here in Germany, professors are required to present their reviews to the class. My favourite must’ve been something like “I would defend this professor in the shower in jail.”

Mine read a few students statements as well. He is a physics prof and for his lecture he went into one of those Faraday cages and one student wrote something like “I liked it when he was in the cage the best.” Another comment was about his dresscode. “Usually I don’t like shirts tucked into trousers, but with Prof. XXX at least there is something to look at.” When he read that he untucked his shirt, so we wouldn’t all look at his crotch. Good times.

The best one I’ve seen was “Instructors striking resemblence to Jesus inspires me and encourages me to do my best work.”

A group of students wrote simply “Would not bang” on their evals for the World’s Worst Physics Teacher ™. She really was awful.

My microbiology Prof got a review entirely in rhyme, detailing how hard his class was, how his evil stare constantly seems to pierce students, etc… He liked it so much that he framed it and hung it in his office.

Drat, I wish I had thought of that! Anonymous reviews at my Community College were hand written on forms and then later typed up by a third party to prevent the prof from recognizing handwriting. I used to write things like “I thought the class could use more of this:” followed by an elaborate and confusing doodle.

I wrote a piece called “The Grinch Who Stole Education” about one of my high school teachers. Apparently that poem was distributed throughout the school at one point and she was the only one who couldn’t figure out that it was about her. The same thing happened with my amateur comedy record I put out my senior year that blatantly attacked her.

Tenure, motherfuckers. Suck on it.

From an old joke: “Tenure means I can kill 2 students before they can fire me.”

That wasn’t a joke, it was what that math prof screamed as he took off all his clothes and ran down the hall.

I remember that like it was yesterday.

I feel like I’ve missed something. What happened?

Math professor at MSU lost his marbles mid-lecture and started babbling nonsense. Took off all his clothes (except for socks) and ran around the engineering building for 15 mins before police finally got him.

I always liked the joke: “I love tenure. I could probably have sex with a goat in front of the library and they would just tell me to move it somewhere else.”

I had a professor offer guaranteed A’s to a student whose parents could make a large enough donation to the school to get him tenured.

that’s pretty much the greatest lesson in how the world works that any professor could ever teach.

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