when have you said/done something that you meant to be nice but made you look like a terrible person? – reddit repost

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One Halloween, I complimented an overweight co-worker on her pumpkin costume. It was a carrot costume. Reddit, when have you said/done something that you meant to be nice but made you look like a terrible person?

She was an awesome person that everyone liked, and I’m pretty sure I made her cry. She eventually forgave me, but I cringe at my own lack of decorum every time I think about that.

In high school I worked at a place that had bowling, laser tag, arcades, etc. and in the arcade part we had this virtual reality ride that I just so happened to be scheduled at on the day this story takes place. Anyway – people got on, the ride finishes, and I go to let them out. I start to walk them to the exit, but trip as I’m opening up the gate and it flies open; almost hitting the guy standing directly beside it. I’m looking down at the floor at this point, picking myself up when I say to him “Oh, sorry man. Almost took your arm off there” and as I look up I notice he’s a fucking amputee from the elbow down….. Thankfully he could tell that I was extremely embarrassed (not sure if it was the instantaneous sweat downpour, the beginnings of a nervous stuttering apology, or my face turning redder than the devil’s dick that gave it away) and replied with “No worries, looks like someone already beat you to it!”. TLDR: made an amputee joke to an amputee without realizing he was an amputee.

legendary retort!

Once I worked in a pizza place, had to walk through the restaurant to get to the delivery car. On my way through I saw two people I know, never spoken to them but we were part of the same crowd. As I walked past I planned on saying “gidday” (I’m from New Zealand) as I said it my brain decide to throw a spanner in the works and let me know without warning that saying “hey” would be a better option. So basically I walk past them, look right in there faces, say “Gay!” at them and waltz out the place.

this is the only one to make me burst out laughing, kudos

About a week ago I was at a party and this girl I met had a large, protruding mole sticking off of her upper lip. I told her, “hey there’s a bug on your face!” and tried to brush it off. Realizing it was a mole, I apologized profusely but surprisingly she found it hilarious

At least you didn’t just start saying “mole” over and over again.

Once my sister and her boyfriend (who has self-esteem issues) were getting all dressed up for something and she made comment about their love being like a fairy tale. She was joking around, not being cheesy so I quipped “Beauty and the Beast?” Trying to imply that she was beastly and that he looked nice. My sister and I always joke around like that so she caught on and laughed but he looked so crestfallen. I tried to correct my mistake but I don’t think he believed me.

Next time, motion to him with your hands as you say “beauty” and to her when you say “beast.” Disclaimer: Will not work if you’re a double-amputee.

You could use your head and tilt it towards them Disclaimer: Will not work if you’re dead.

I was waiting at the bar for my boyfriend to finish up work and a couple sits next to me. The girl was making this annoyed face kind of like this ;\ I was just trying to make conversation, and it had been a long day so I said “I know how you feel” and made the same face. Then I realize she had Bell’s Palsy.

The lesson of this thread is becoming “Don’t talk to anyone ever.”

I honestly tried for five minutes to make that face …

OH MY GOD. So I was at a cheerleading competition once. And there was this dude on an opposing team from a town nearby. Now I know some guys will find this hard to believe, but many male cheerleaders are straight, and also huge flirts. So this cute guy is winking at me in the cafeteria where people are gathering, and I wink back. His team is ahead of mine at warm-ups, he winks, and I wink back. I’m trying to be cute, and maybe get his number. Then I see him on the competition floor……and he’s still winking. The whole routine. I had been “winking back” at a guy with Tourette’s for the entire day.

I say you still should’ve gone for it.


I once was hosting at a restaurant and saw a kid walk in out of the corner of my eye. I tried to accomodate the kid and her parent by asking if I could get crayons and a coloring book out for her daughter. Upon second glance I realized it was a midget. Not my finest hour.

You know, this happened to me once. And I’m not a midget. 5′ tall, 100 lbs, scars on my face from piercings, a pimple or two and even makeup. Go out to dinner with my family. Dad, sister, sister’s boyfriend, her daughter, me. Whenever I’m around my niece, I revert into child mode and start doing the “nuh uh” “yuh huh” arguments. Waiter comes up and asks if the kids want crayons. I look up at him, he realizes I’m probably older than he is, and he turns beet red. I asked for two boxes each, because last time we only had one green crayon and it was a disaster.

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