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The “What’s a huge lie you tell everyday?” thread is full of loneliness and depression. Time for some positive lies. What’s something you don’t like to let on that you’re incredibly proud of?

I’ve been in over 200 porn movies and I just graduated from Berkeley with Highest Distinction (Summa Cum Laude). I was also in a sorority and none of them know.

I used to do SEO work for porn sites (mostly data, figures, text, no pics ಠ_ಠ) Part of that included bios and only a handful of them mentioned being currently enrolled in Berkeley, so I have an inkling who you are. But at the same time, I’m disturbed how that job gave me pornographic memory.

I’m one of those people with a freakish memory, in particular when it comes to spatial awareness and numbers. I don’t really know what it’s like to lose your keys (but for a few drunken times..), because I’ve never forgotten where I’ve put them. I remember phone numbers…ones I shouldn’t. Like, the phone number to the guy who sold me my car 8 years ago. Or the leasing office to my first apartment. And my second apartment…and my third…and the cell number of my loan officer…oh, the list goes on and on. Credit card numbers, prescription numbers, counts, zip codes, prices…all of it. I don’t like to let on this one at all, though…my wife is the only person who really knows the extent of it. Every time I’ve let something slip…like, telling someone who misplaced an important document that I know they set it down on a table on the other side of the building because I saw it there two days ago, they look at me like I’m some sort of savant. Back to my loan officer, when he needed numbers to those leasing offices (that’s why I used that example, really)…and I rattled them off, well he said it was the first time that’s ever happened. So I don’t let on at all. But really, it makes me feel like some sort of superhero.

This isn’t every day, but I do it often. When I’m out and about, getting groceries or whatever, if I notice an older lady who obviously tried with her outfit, hair and makeup, I’ll make a point to tell her she looks very lovely today. Regardless of if I like her hair, makeup, outfit, etc… I simply pay her a compliment because the look on their faces after is just priceless. You can see a noticeable difference simply in the way they carry themselves after hearing this, and they are always smiling from ear to ear.

Every month I take 100 dollars out of the atm and put it in an envelope. By December I have 1100 bucks. There are a couple teachers and staff I know at the local elementary school, and they let me know a couple kids/families that they know wont be having much of a Christmas because they cant afford it. I then give the money I saved to the families so that they can buy their kids presents and enough food for a good Christmas holiday and family dinner. It doesnt seem like much, but five or six hundred bucks to a family that has next to nothing can really make a Christmas memorable. This is far and away the best part of my year every year, and I really look forward to it. I have never told anyone that I do this, not even my wife.”

According to my last job review, I’m one of the most productive (and arguably the most productive) members of my org. Yet I spend a good bit of time on reddit/facebook during the day instead of work. Sometimes, I wonder just how much work I could get done if I could focus the whole day…

My gf skipped her med school graduation and pictures to help save my best friends life after he had a triple brain hemmorage from a skateboarding accident. She worked her ass off for years for that special moment, and gave it up without a second glance, and bc of her my best friend is alive and well. Been broken up for over a year, but she will always be my hero. She never mentions it. EDIT- full story for you guys asking questions: We were living in China, and the night before her graduation, my buddies and i went out bombing some hills on our longboards. Around 4am, my best friend hit a speedbumb at about 50mph, and landed on his head. We were about 30 min. from the hospital, which was where she had been in med school and interning. We drove him to the hospital to find that there were no doctors in the hospital until 7am. As we are all covered in tattoos, and not to mention extreme amounts of blood from my friends eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and lacerations that covered his body, the people on staff would do nothing to help us. China is still very conservative in some ways, and one of those ways is that they dont favor tattooed skaters. They thought that he was a gangster (which is a common association to tattoos is China). They wouldnt help bring him in, wash him up, do IVs, absolutely no response. I call gf, (who comes from a long line of doctors, and her parents are some of the most highly respected doctors in the country), who rushes to the hospital and goes to work like a champ. Beyond simply cleaning him, which was one hell of a bloody task, shaving his head, instructing us on how to keep him warm and alive, she started calling doctors at 5am to get some help. As all this is happening, the ER still wont lift a finger to help us. At this point, my friend is convulsing, throwing up, and bleeding profusely through the bandages we had made. She finally wakes up the director of the hospital and gets him to start calling in surgeons to get to the hospital. His brain was hemorrhaging at an alarming rate, and in the two hours it took to get two MRIs before the docs showed up, the gf plainly stated that if he didnt get immediate treatment, he would die. At this point we are moving his limp, bloody body from gurney to bed and back, having to push him all around this hospital getting registered and getting his paperwork ready for surgery. Again, gf handles all of this like a champ. There were 5 of us guys there, and she was directing us around the hospital by cell phone getting everything done. Not to mention, every last one of us , her included, had to empty our bank accounts to foot the bill before they would even consider surgery. In China, if you dont have the money for a surgery on hand, you are shit out of luck. We were able to scrape up enough to get him started. The initial bill was around 3500$. When the surgeon showed up, he was hesitant to do anything because of my friends tattoos. At that point, friend had woken up and was going crazy. It took four guys to hold him down to the bed as he strained as hard as he could to get up. He had turned into an insane guy. The blood on his brain was seriously fucking his world up. He cried, pleaded, punched, bit, scratched, and strained for almost an hour. The whole time, we are holding him down so he doesnt do anymore damage to himself, fucking crying like babies. She got the surgeons boss on the phone and he ordered the surgeon to fix him up. He goes into surgery 7 1/2 hrs after we arrive. At this point she had missed pictures and graduation. He goes into surgery for four hours, and she goes home to clean up and sleep. We sat in that hospital for 48 hours, covered in blood, sweat, and our own scabs, waiting for him to wake up. She waited right there with us from the time surgery was over until he woke up. None of the nurses were able to restrain him when he woke up due to brain damage and confusion. He recognized her, and she had to keep him calm, as he would go in and out of consciousness every 1/2 hr. or so. After a month in the hospital, he went home, and it took him almost 1 year to recover. That was almost 2 years ago, and hes 100% My friend owes his life to her, and I owe my best friend to her. Wear helmets.

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