Amazing landscapes carved from books – reddit repost

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Librarian here – I love this! You would be surprised at how many books libraries must recycle regularly (the library I work at is around the 100 thousand mark just from this year. I hate to see books essentially be thrown away, but some of them really are useless (periodicals of agriculture records from the 50's? c'mon…) I will just imagine that these are books no one would want to read again anyway. I think they're beautiful.

I would think a librarian would hate to see the desecration of a book. Learn something new every day!

What desecration?

Link to sculptor/artist? These are really great!

They're by an artist in Montreal. http://www.guylaramee.com/

Indiana Jones. You know you were thinking it too.

Very funny, Docta' Jones.

Thank you! I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw that there.

Architect here. A very long time ago when I was in Architecture school, I proposed that we did this for a model we had to display. It was a very rich an diverse topographic model and we wanted to use books like this to do it. THe problem is that you have to laminate each and every page so that the whole thing is a chunk of glue and paper. Only then can you use a computer controlled mill machine to carve anything into it. I really wish we had tried it but we didn't have enough time. Anyway: just a tip if anyone wants to try this at home…or somewhere else with an expensive piece of sculpting/woodworking equipment.

I was looking at them thinking they'd probably just folded the covers back and dunked all the pages together into a bucket of glue, then clamped the whole thing closed between two bits of wood. The process, discounting drying time, would take 30 seconds. You could probably speed up the drying time by putting them on a low heat in the oven. I don't think you'd have to treat every page, just ensure that the pages are all saturated. You'd probably need to water down the glue a touch.

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