people who look very similar to each other but are completely unrelated. – reddit repost

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Photographer Francois Brunelle finds people who look very similar to each other but are completely unrelated. [Album]

I was once approached by a casting agency (that I only signed up for to be an extra in the Batman movie (and I wasn’t)) to be a body double for an underage actor who couldn’t film all his scenes that week due to child labor laws. I was told in no uncertain terms that position would go to whoever looked the most like the kid and had the most open schedule. Have you ever walked into a room of 5 or 6 people who were only there because they looked like you? That was weird.

what did you guys talk about

Who we thought was gonna get the part, largely. It wasn’t a very interesting conversation, because none of us knew what the kid we were supposed to be looking like, looked like. And also the fact that all but one of us was wearing a blue shirt. (It brings out our eyes.) We also discussed for a bit how very wrong our misconceptions about TV studious were. This place looked like a refurbished warehouse. It was literally under a bridge, and there were large men in tank tops playing basketball on a makeshift court right outside.

It brings out our eyes. You are becoming part of the collective.

“You will be assimilated”

The assimilation really brings out their eyes.

Hijacking this comment to note that in a lot of these, at least one of the two persons is actually a local (Quebec) “celebrity”. Those I could recognise right away : 1 – Marie-Chantale Perron (left) 2 – Catherine Trudeau (left) and Sophie Cadieux (right) 7- Caroline Dhavernas (right) Some of the others ring a bell, just couldn’t put a name to them.

Thank you for making sense of it all. I had no idea how he would find two random people who look alike.

I found it oddly pleasing that both of your usernames are doubles. If only mine was pee-pee or something.

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