Felt a little self-conscious and uneasy during my visit to the public restrooms today. – reddit repost

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Funny story, I was going on a road trip and had to shit really bad. Stopped at a rest stop during the day where it was busy. The bathroom stalls were set up with half doors just like the picture. So when I was looking at the bathroom stalls and consider skipping out and going to a gas station to take a shit. Further inspection of the rest stop bathroom stalls, a random guy whispered to me, “I know what you are thinking, at first it’s awkward to take a shit, but if you really have to go. You kind of forget about the people randomly looking in the stall while you take a shit.” So yeah I think it was a trap because I didn’t forget about the people randomly looking in the stall while I’m taking a shit. It was weird, it’s like when you make eye contact with someone through the little crack in the bathroom stall, but instead of the little crack you just see his whole face staring at you.

In all seriousness. Most of the places in Western Europe I have been to had full doors in their bathrooms. Granted, some of them were approx. 25 cents to use. I know this because I poop WAY more than the average person, it’s like my trademark among friends. What I’m saying is that I don’t understand why we don’t do this in America.

i am also the pooper in my group of friends. I have the low down on all of the local public restrooms. they said i should write like a Zagats type guide to public restrooms.

Pooper of the friend group checking in. I have shit in 24 US states and 2 countries.

I live in the UK and before this picture, I had no idea that public bathrooms with half-doors existed… It just seems kinda odd

Why is the door even there?!?

So that other people can’t walk in.

Fellow Briton here, I’ve seen ones like these before, but only in Nurseries where the adults have to keep an eye on the kids at all times.

..so, a whispering stranger in a public bathroom urged you to drop your pants and take a seat, and you just decided to go with the flow?

Yes the flow had to go

I went to a very old public high school where none of the bathrooms had a door at all. As a freshman, I was absolutely terrified of the possibility of taking a shit there. Alas, the rectal rumblings that preceded sporting events often forced me to partake of the patent porcelain. Eventually, I found that the best way to cope with pooing in the open was to aggressively stare at anyone who happened to glance my way. The only thing more intimidating than overtly defecating is turning a corner to see someone on the throne giving you a challenging death stare.

I’ve done this myself. For starters let me say I’m in the Army, and once in while my unit will declare that day as UA day (urine analysis) these are better known as piss test days. For those who do not know during a piss test you have to have an observer watch you piss into a cup, to make sure that it is your piss that is in the cup and not someone else’s, or that it had been tampered with. Well on one of these days I wasn’t prepared. I had already taken my early morning leak, so I sat in a room with my soldiers and began drinking copious amounts of water. Oddly enough I wasn’t having the urge to go piss but instead take a shit. According the army regulations we are not allowed to leave the area unescorted. I told my NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) my ordeal, and then he took me to the bathroom so I could shit. The stall doors were taped open for observation purposes. Well I took my seat and looked up to see my NCO standing there…starring. I asked him for some privacy, but he said he had to watch because he had to make sure I wasn’t doing something I wasn’t suppose to. “Fine then!” I said. I then gave him the challenging death match stare and proceeded to shit. What made it even better it was watery shit. A giant explosive watery shit from hell. Needless to say I got my privacy soon after.

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