This guy paints screams…I laughed way longer than i should have – reddit repost

2012.12.08 09:25:28 by andy category : reddit&4ch Tags :art funny video

"let's put a happy little scream right there…"

I have identified the scream at 21:41 to be the best scream.

I'm thinking the scream at 29:03 is a close second.

It's definitly the better than the other one.

Did you feel the pleasure?

How the hell did you find this?

He probably went to the weird part of Youtube. The only way you can get there is by clicking a video in the "related videos" sidebar that is completely unrelated to the video you just watched. You keep going and going and eventually you find the weird stuff. Try it out sometime, it's fun.

Did this and watched trainhorn videos for an hour

To be honest I think this could be therapeutic. Releasing tension by screaming and "capturing" it in the painting. Putting your stress into something else, similar to breaking stuff.

I definitely think this could be therapeutic. To my surprise, I actually found watching this very relaxing. I liked the contrast between the emotional screams and the very calm speaking voice. I feel like the painting here is mainly a byproduct (though others might feel otherwise). The real value here seems to be in the process. It seems like it'd be hard to be emotionally pent-up if you did this regularly. It moved me just to watch it.

This pretty much sums up 99% of modern art; people struggling to find any meaning so they adopt some trite premise to create meaning where there is none.

Have you considered looking at the video as the art piece and not the painting itself? Why do you think it looks like 80s video if it was shot this year, when nice, crisp HD video is cheap and accessible? It's making a reference to the Bob Ross videos and things, and maybe pointing out the absurd elements of them by turning them all the way up. This is supposed to be funny; it's a parody. Look at some of Kim Beom's other work. Is it painting? Nope, but it's all a bunch of absurdist and nonsensical stuff. He is attacking exactly what you say art nowadays is doing. How the fuck does yellow represent screaming? It doesn't, but there are some artists that try to say, "oh, this represents this, and this represents that." Empty symbolism is not a facet of good art. If you have to explain everything because everything is going over everyone's heads, you're kinda being the pretentious prick the general population thinks all "modern" artists are like. But the guy here is making a pretty simple reference. He wants you to understand this piece. He wants you to think about the critique he's making. I'm not saying you have to like his work or any other contemporary artist's work, but just don't attack the state of art nowadays, which is largely concept based instead of technically based, because you refuse to understand where these people are coming from.

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