My aunt was showing my gf old pictures of me and then… BOOM. – reddit repost

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What's more fucked up, PBR or swastika? What's up with that anways, op?

I'd say the more fucked up thing is the Cleveland Trivia Playing Cards. The fuck are those.

They sound pretty self-explanatory.

Haha yea right? My grandpa was in WWII (Allies) and took some items from a surrendered German soldier. He has some knives as well. I was way too young but I have no doubt my mom and aunts yelled at him to never have that out again. I've never seen it since ha edit: I now have learned this book wasn't taken from a soldier. I just assumed it was since he has so many other items that were taken from a German soldier.

It's not Nazi paraphernalia. It's a book about the war by William Shirer called The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany

I was gonna point that out, too. It's been in pretty much every single library I've ever walked into.

remember when you could take a picture of a toddler drinking a beer with a swastika in the background and not get arrested?

I have a picture out there on the internet of a toddler sitting in my lap throwing back a Sam Adams and I am laughing maniacally that I know is going to come back and haunt me one day. The kid wouldn't stop trying to drink out of people's bottles so I washed an empty and put water in it- but that won't change the fact that I am not getting a security clearance.

Pepperidge Farms remembers. ugh sorry

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