Your face – reddit repost

2012.12.05 11:11:28 by andy category : reddit&4ch Tags :funny pics twitter

I'm with that guy. Uberfacts writes some pretty retarded shit.

It would be fun to setup a twitter account that just gave out shitty facts like the one from op's picture.

https://twitter.com/FREE_FACTS *Ninja edit: He used to post just about daily, but he appears to have tapered off recently.

Uberfacts isn't even the worst. There's this one that my brother follows that says shit like, "Based on psychological facts, if you dream of a person it means that they are dreaming of you as well." or "It's a scientific fact that people who smile more, actually have experienced more pain." It makes me tear my hair out knowing that at least some of their several hundred thousand subscribers believe that shit. Edit: Found the one I'm referring for you guys. It's this fucker. I can't spend more than a few seconds on that page because it drives me crazy of how idiotic the "facts" are

A kiss can be ten times more effective than morphine in reducing pain, as it's thought that it activates the body's natural pain-killers! Nurse: "Doctor we're out of morphine!" Doctor: "Damn! I knew those healthcare cutbacks would have consequences! Quickly! Kiss the patient!" Nurse: "Yes doctor! Clear!" I've seen this porn before.

Can't the same thing be caused by sex? Mentally, the two are very similar. "Quick! You know what to do!" "But he's wearing a chastity belt!" "I'm sorry. He's dying. Cut off the morphine."

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