Fortunately, you don’t need a permit to build a table and chairs. – reddit repost

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Apparently this farm owner was denied a council permit to build a horse shelter. Fortunately, you don’t need a permit to build a table and chairs.

This has been proven to be an art installation, not shelter for the horses.

"We could say it's a horse shelter, if that's what you're into"

We could say you found 2 feet tall horses, if that's what you're into.

I would like to say it's a sTABLE Sorry, I'll show myself out.

Its a stable table?

I saw a documentary where some old timer tour guide shared an anecdote about another wilderness guide/ski instructor or something: The guide wanted to build a log cabin out in the woods and sought out a permit from the land management officials in his province to build it. Unfortunately he was denied his building permit, but he was granted a permit to collect firewood. A few months later some rangers arrived to check up on him and discovered him living in a large log cabin. When questioned, he replied, "No one told me how I had to stack my firewood."

My dad found a loophole with permitting when building a deck for his house. He corrects me every time I say 'lets sit out on the deck' b/c technically (according to him) its a porch….since it is a half inch away from the house. Since it is not touching the building, he technically didn't need a building permit.

My parents were selling a lakehouse on a man-made lake. Our house was well over 15 feet above the water line on a point. The person buying the house was told they had to get a flood inspection because the whole county was listed as being in a flood area. We had to pay for the inspection, then the guy who came out and did the inspection said that our house was in a flood zone because the wooden stairs we built down to the dock (ending 5 feet above the high water mark, one that will literally never go higher because of the dam) were in "a flood zone." In order to rectify the situation we had to use a saw to disconnect the steps from each other at a certain point. If only I had pictures to show how ridiculous it was. Then the new house we bought, we were registering the dock, and were informed that the dock was too small. The previous owners applied for a dock permit for a larger dock, and also they were going to hit us for 6 years worth of fines (we had owned the house less than 2 months.)

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