Don’t let the cat near the Kinect – reddit repost

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I actually had something similar happen to me, except my dad was bringing a plate of bean burritos into the room and I ended up slapping it right out of his hand….. beans everywhere

I had something similar too, I was driving in to work and I didnt see the stop sign so I drove through an intersection, the other driver honked at me but all I could do was mouth “I’m sorry” and keep on driving….beans everywhere!

Aww man I hate it when you’re just minding your own business, then all of a sudden…beans everywhere!

My friend mentioned something one time about being addicted to early 2000’s Disney television shows. After a quick Google image search for “Steven Anthony Lawrence” and an ink cartridge later… Beans everywhere!

Cool Beans

Honestly curious here; why do you find it funny? Is the idea of an animal being kicked? Or that it was a sudden and unexpected outcome? Like, I find prat falls hilarious; not because I like the idea of someone getting hurt, but because it is sudden and unexpected. I don’t like watching people fall for real because pain isn’t funny (to me, anyway).

Did you not see the gif? He kicks the cat and it goes flying in the air. It works on so many levels.

It’s that it’s unexpected. Humour is not an easy thing to explain. Many people find black humour funny when the event is humour. “Bring out your dead!”, for example.

Thanks for the serious answer. I get that everyone is trying to get to me with their “animal abuse is so lol” answers, but I really was curious.

I can tell by your user name that you are a serious person, Dislodged Tampon.

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